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  • Contact phone: +387 33 580 400
  • Contact email: reception@hoteleurope.ba
  • Adress: Vladislava Skarića 5, 71000 Sarajevo, B&H
  • Additional information on the offer: Book your stay directly with the hotel (hotel website, by email or phone). When making the booking/reservation, you must state that you are a Sarajevo City Card holder and would like to use the discount. Show your Sarajevo City Card at check-in and enjoy your stay. Offer valid on the daily room rate, upon request and subject to availability.

Positioned in the heart
of the Sarajevo city

Upon entering the lobby, every stay at Hotel Europe unfolds like a journey along which you will be guided by our gracious staff. Welcoming soft lounge music and the enticing interior design worth analyzing is what you discover first. The spirit of the past times is preserved in the traditional section of the hotel showcasing the flamboyant decor of the years gone by, whereas a new section is designed with modern style.Hotel Europe has for an entire century been a silent witness to the history of Sarajevo and has hosted the most notable personalities from Europe and the rest of the world. It is at this Hotel that distinguished statesmen and politicians, high-profile corporate executives, motion picture and television personalities, artists and athletes have all stayed whilst visiting Sarajevo.

After 130 years of tradition, Hotel Europe has been restored to its original splendor and designed according to the highest standards of hospitality. Our all-inclusive offer is made of 160 luxurious rooms, 14 suites, 2 of which are presidential suites, 5 fully equipped conference halls, the state of the art spa&wellness facilities including fitness center, indoor swimming pool, turkish bath, tanning beds, saunas and massage.With the famous Viennese Cafe, Restaurant with first-class local and international culinary specialties and Mozart's Patisserie with original sweet delicacies, Hotel Europe will invigorate your soul and make your stay in Sarajevo a genuine experience you will always remember with a smile.With its central location, Hotel Europe is definitely the best choice if you want to get to know the history of the city, visit the cultural sights and enjoy the beauties of the old part of the city, the Baščaršija.

How to find
Hotel Europe

What to see near the hotel?

1. As part of the Garden of Europe, there is Tašlihan (translated as stone han) - a former caravanserai. It is the third stone caravanserai built in Sarajevo. It was built during the Ottoman Empire in the middle of the 15th century. It was built next to Gazi Husrev-bey's bezistan. Part of the foundation and massive walls of the inn were discovered as part of the renovation, reconstruction and extension project of Hotel Europe. In 2007, the archaeological area - the remains of Tašlihan was declared a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
2. Hotel Europe is located in Bašćaršija, surrounded by the most famous historical and religious monuments and buildings such as the Gazi Husrev Bey Mosque, the Clock Tower, the Sarajevo Cathedral, the Cathedral of Sarajevo, Sebilj, Sevdah House, Inat House, At Mejdan Pavilion, Isa Bey's Hamam, Emperor's Mosque, Town Hall, etc.
3. Near the Hotel Europe, there is also the Museum of Sarajevo next to the Latin Ćuprije, which contains the history of the Austro-Hungarian rule, and everything about Franz Ferdinand and his assassination, which developed into the First World War.
4. Hotel Europe is surrounded by other museums: the Jewish Museum, the Olympic Museum, the Museum of Literature and Theater Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, etc.
5. Only a few minutes from the hotel is the "Ambassador Alley". The name was created when the diplomats who stayed in Bosnia and Herzegovina planted over 150 linden trees with their own hands, which today is evidenced by the plaques with their names.
6. Many celebrities have stayed at Hotel Europe, and only a few of them are: Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Hilary Clinton, Tim Roth, Mickey Rourke, Andre Lamoglia, Jesse Eisenberg, Morgan Freeman, and many regional stars from the world of sports, acting, music, politics and other things.

Neighborhoods of  Hotel Europe - Baščaršija and Sebilj Fountain

Bascarsija (tur. – the main market) was established in the 15th century by Isa-Bey Ishakovic, the founder of Sarajevo, and Ghazi Husrev-Bey who left an exquisite endowment as a legacy to the city. In addition to these two benefactors, some other regents and wealthy merchants contributed with their donations.With rise of the Empire, the city progresses as well. Thus, Bascarsija was finished by the end of the 16th century, and the city soon after witnessed its golden age. Along with Istanbul, Thessaloniki, Edirne and Athens, it became one of the 5 largest cities in the Balkans, the city of trading and wealthy and powerful community.

he square spread into several trading and craftsmen alleys, it comprised 45 markets and over 80 crafts. Tiny cobbled alleys intertwined and spread towards mosques, inns, bedestans, hamams, schools and tekkes, fountains, caravanserai…The first water supply system was built in the mid 15th century, and significantly extended in the 16th century. By the end of the Ottoman period, there were 156 spouts and several stone fountains built mainly as an endowment. Sebilj Fountain is a symbol of Sarajevo. A legend says: “Whoever drinks water from any of Sarajevo’s fountains and spouts will come to Sarajevo”. The Sebilj Fountain was built in 1753.


Sarajevo City Card - 24 h

BAM 68,90
BAM 137,90

Sarajevo City Card - 72 h

BAM 88,90
BAM 177,90

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