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Welcome to Hotel Holiday

Olympic spirit of Sarajevo in the 21st century.

  • Working Hours:  
        Every Day  24/7
  • Contact phone: +387 33 288 200
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  • Adress: Zmaja od Bosne 4, 71000 Sarajevo, B&H
  • Additional information on the offer: Book your stay directly with the hotel (hotel website, by email or phone). When making the booking/reservation, you must state that you are a Sarajevo City Card holder and would like to use the discount. Show your Sarajevo City Card at check-in and enjoy your stay. Offer valid on the daily room rate, upon request and subject to availability.

The creator and mastermind behind the design is the celebrated architect
Ivan Štraus

With his specific artistic expression he succeeded in conveying the essence of the people and the aesthetic of the traditional house into a structure of such contemporary design. That approach is best articulated in the interior which is designed to portray the intimacy and the aesthetic of the courtyard indigenous to Bosnia and Herzegovinas architectural and cultural tradition.Successor of the best know hotel chain and hotel ‘Holiday Inn’, our hotel is now part of the most successful brand Europe group with hotel Europe at its lead, whose own tradition goes back to 1882. With such rich background hotel Holiday will delight guests with its traditional elegance, high quality service and special features.

Spacious and comfortable, with a modern interior and intimate ambience, hotel Holiday has ten floors with 380 graciously decorated accomodation units, from which 364 are rooms and 16 suits. All hotel rooms have air conditioning , tv and a mini bar, bathroom that includes a tub and shower, hair dryer and bathrobes. All facilities include sitting areas, satellite tv and free wifi.A representative hotel lobby, with its intricate design holds the olyimpic essence, taking guests back through time, to a time of greatest postmodern architectural, artistic and cultural achievements in the former Yugoslavia and beyond. A city in itself, the olympic lobby offers guests numerous features such as: Hair salon, Tobacco shop, renowned boutiques, rent-a-car, exchange office etc.

How to find
Hotel Holiday

We invite guests to try out our National restaurant well know for its illustrious national and international cuisine, where you can experience the essentia of our historically rich culture in just one bite. At your disposal are also na Aperitive bar, Pâtisserie, Caffe Inn, Welness spa and a Gym. The largest congress centre in the region is situated in our hotel. Nine acclimatized congress halls can accommodate around 1500 participants with state of the art audio-visual equipment as well as simultaneous translation services.
What to see near the hotel?
1. Hotel Holiday is only 3 km from the famous Bašćaršija, 10 km from the Sarajevo airport, and only 25 km from Sarajevo's beauties - the Bjelašnica and Igman mountains!
2. Hotel Holiday is located in Marijin Dvor - one of the most famous Sarajevo settlements, which got its name from the wife of August Braun (builder and industrialist) - Maria from the Austro-Hungarian period. Thus, in this settlement there is also Marija's building (Marijin Dvor), Augusta Brauna Street, and other Austro-Hungarian legacies.
3. Hotel Holiday is located where the Ottoman Empire ends and the Austro-Hungarian Empire begins. And just a few minutes' walk from the hotel is the famous Hastahana Park, whose word in Turkish means hospital. In the Ottoman period, there was a hospital in that place, owned by Gazi Husrev Bey's foundation. Next to this park is the Maghribija mosque.
4. Hotel Holiday is surrounded by the most famous museums such as the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the History Museum.
5. Hotel Holiday is located just a few minutes' walk from the most famous promenade in Sarajevo, which is Vilson's promenade, which stretches along the river Miljacka, from the Suada and Olga bridges to the building of Elektroprivreda BiH and the bridge in Topal Osmanpaše Street.
6. Hotel Holiday was opened in 1984 during the Olympic Games in Sarajevo, and thus became a symbol of the Olympics and the city of Sarajevo, and has the Olympic Games logo printed on it.
7. Hotel Holiday is surrounded by the biggest shopping centers Sarajevo City Center, Alta Shopping Center, Importanne Shopping Center, Crvena Jabuka, and other famous office buildings.
8. Hotel Holiday has hosted numerous personalities, and one of the first visitors was Juan Antonio Samaranch - president of the International Olympic Committee. In addition, we also count Jacques Chirac (former French President), Recep Tayip Erdogan with his wife (President of Turkey), Bono Vox (Irish singer from the famous group U2), Carla del Ponte (UN diplomat), Swedish King Gustaf V, Theodor Meron ( president of the UN Secretariat), ambassadors from all over the world: Edward Ferguson, Ruggero Corrias, Nicola Minasi, Michael Murphy, Matthew Field, Christian Schmidt, Inzko Valentin...and many regional presidents, sports players, musicians, actors etc.

The National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina 

Founded in 1888, the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the oldest western-style cultural and scientific institution in the country. The idea of establishing a museum goes back to the mid-19th century, to a time when Bosnia and Herzegovina was still a part of the Ottoman Empire as the Eyalet of Bosnia. Yet it would take four decades and a change of government for the idea to be realised. In 1878, the Eyalet of Bosnia was occupied by the Austro-Hungarians, who brought with them new political and social goals, customs, and values. These included the furthering of science through research and academic and institutional development. 

As an uncharted Balkan country, Bosnia and Herzegovina piqued the interest of many Austro-Hungarian scholars, but also pseudo-scholars and treasure hunters. As a result, many cultural artefacts were taken out of the country. This sped up the realisation of the idea to establish a museum, which had long been brewing. The Museum Society was established first, then the National Museum itself, on 1 February 1888. The provincial government, as the founder, named government advisor Kosta Hörmann as the director of the museum.

The original museum facilities in the town centre soon became inadequate for the growing collection, and so in 1909 construction began for a new museum complex comprising four pavilions and a botanic garden. The facility was completed and inaugurated in 1913. It would long remain the only purpose-built museum complex in the former Yugoslavia. It houses the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina to this day.


Sarajevo City Card - 24 h

BAM 68,90
BAM 137,90

Sarajevo City Card - 72 h

BAM 88,90
BAM 177,90

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