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Sarajevo Tourist Guide

Read! Watch ! Listen ! is tourist guide for Sarajevo 

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The photos in the guide are signed by Samir Zahirović, one of the most successful Bosnian photographers who has been awarded more than 250 different awards for his artistic work, 45 gold, 16 silver, 18 bronze medals and 160 honorable mentions at FIAP exhibitions. At national exhibitions, FOTO BiH has won first place 10 times and is the first Google Trusted Photographer in Bosnia and Herzegovina.In all the destinations described in the guide, you can, via a QR code, enjoy the phenomenal aerial shots of the video production.Through the QR code, while you are getting to know Sarajevo and traveling through Bosnia and Herzegovina, and scrolling through our guide, you can also listen to the most beautiful voices of Bosnia and Herzegovina. music scene - Dina Merlina, Amira Medunjanin, Hanka Paldum, Damir Imamović and Armin Muzaferija, who will surely brighten up your trip and make you "fall in love".

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Welcome to the city of Sarajevo! In the following videos, we will be informing you about the best things to see and do in the city. 

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Welcome to the city of love, good people, great atmosphere, but also a city that witnessed wars that have shaped Europe. A place where different ethnicities, religions, and cultures have molded since time immemorial. Discover the history, culture and lifestyle of the city of Sarajevo and its people, a place with an irresistible charm and a unique mixture between East and West. During this best-selling walking tour in the city, you will find out what Sarajevo’s spirit means to you. 

Tour SpotsFranz Ferdinand Assasination – Visit the most famous corner in Sarajevo.Emperor’s Mosque – See the first mosque in Sarajevo and find out the story of how Sarajevo got its name.City Hall – Find out where the mayor of Sarajevo sits.Baščaršija – The main trading center of Sarajevo.Morića Han – Visit the only Ottoman Inn left preserved in the city.Gazi Husrev Bey’s Mosque – Visit the yard of the central mosque in Bosnia and Herzegovina.Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures – See the spot where East and West meet.Old Jewish Temple – Find out the story about Sarajevo Haggadah.Cathedral of Sacred Jesus Hearth – Send a message of peace and tolerance in front of Sarajevo’s Notre Dame.Serbian Orthodox Church – The city’s largest Serbian Orthodox church boasts five impressive domes, a gilded baroque belfry, and beautiful murals.More about tour visit:


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